#ConversationsOnCreativity 18.0

After a brief haitus, Creative Nestlings presents #ConversationsOnCreativity 18.0 in Cape Town at Youngblood Arts and Culture Development.

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#ConversationsOnCreativity is a series of events curated to inspire and an opportunity for the creative community and general public to engage with fellow creatives on their journeys, ideas and insights.

Guest Speakers:

Stephanie Mzee

Writer, visual artist, Self-taught photographer and filmmaker

Stephanie Mzee widely known as “Kenyaa” is a writer, visual artist, Self-taught photographer and filmmaker based in Cape Town currently completing her studies in Film and Television at City Varsity. Earlier this year she was named one of Design Indaba's 40 Emerging South African Creatives and later on one of South Africa’s 27 Creatives to watch. Her recent photography series titled COMPLY was exhibited at the YoungBlood Gallery. Kenyaa focuses on spotlighting Black Women and storytelling. While photography is her most used medium, she is soon to break out into scriptwriting and directing her own films in the near future. https://www.instagram.com/callmekenyaa/

Faatimah Mohamed-Luke

Fashion Designer and Visual Artist

Faatimah Mohamed-Luke [FML] lives in Cape Town with the husband, the kid and 2 cats. In 2003 she graduated from Cape Technikon with ND: Fashion and also did a year of design encompassing Graphic, Interior, Industrial, Textile and Jewellery design disciplines. Faatimah is a founding partner of successful designer brand, adam&eve and has honed her skills, having participated in numerous fashion weeks and international exhibitions for the last 10 years. Eight months ago, she resigned from fashion to focus on Art, Interior design and working with new materials. Her current focus is creating large-scale art made of plastic building blocks. Her fascination with creating artwork from minute blocks comes from her love of minute detail and intricate patterns. She discovered the art of Tessellation i.e. a highly symmetric, edge-to-edge tiling using a simple porcelain shape on a recent trip to Morocco. She loved how surface was painstakingly adorned to perfection and hopes to highlight and recreate the art form with modern materials. This medium creates both nostalgia and relevance, while being appreciated by all ages and backgrounds. With numerous art fairs and gallery exhibitions under her belt featuring abstract pieces she plans to experiment with landscapes and portraits next. https://www.mrsandmrluke.com/

Thulisizwe Mamba

Designer + illustrator

Thulisizwe Mamba is a 23-year-old Cape Town-based illustrator. Working under the name incase you get bored, he documents youth culture using bold and witty illustrations. He has worked with Superbalist, Ogijiii Magazine, Design Indaba, Castle Lager and many others including non-profit organisations such as BookDash and Ubuntu Youth. His body of work unearths the nuances that make youth culture today. From the usage of words and emojis to puns that embody the glory and perils of being young. Documenting the duality of online and offline behaviour amongst young people has become his forte. His work carries subliminal messages of emotion, identity and belonging with pastel colours and a Neue-African* illustration style. http://incaseyougetbored.com


Join us for a great conversation and some coffee from the in-house restaurant The Hot Skillet.

Event is free and open to all.

Date: 30 July 2018

Time: 12 - 3pm

Venue: Youngblood Arts and Culture Development, BeautifuLL Life, 70 - 74 Bree Street, Cape Town, 8001

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/609799976050398/


About Creative Nestlings

Creative Nestlings is a creative network + a research & development agency committed to nurturing a curious, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial mindset amongst African youth on the continent + diaspora. We were founded to create an ecosystem where young African creatives can thrive, build sustainable businesses and communities; pushing the continent forward. Publisher of 'What It Takes' book series.

About #ConversationsOnCreativity

“Conversations on Creativity” is a regular event that brings together creative individuals on a day of creative dialogue. The conversations features 3 or 4 creative individuals in the creative community from around the world, to share their journeys, insights & ideas.


About Young Blood Arts and Culture Development

Youngblood is an arts & culture development that aims to be a platform for artists from all genres to start off from or to continue from in order to become self-sustainable. 



June 30, 2018

Youngblood Arts and Culture Development, BeautifuLL Life, 70 - 74 Bree Street, Cape Town, 8001