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Creative Nestlings is a creative network + research and development company that focuses on the growth of young African creatives on the continent and diaspora

mission + vision
Our mission is to nurture a curious, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial mindset amongst African youth on the continent + diaspora.

Our vision is to create an ecosystem where young African creatives can create, thrive and live better quality lives.
how we gather.
We organise epic talks & conferences, interviews with creatives/entrepreneurs, podcast and content inspirations, publish books, build creatives spaces, connect our community with each other, projects & career opportunities.

BWOI’s first book volume captures these stories, actively zooming into the lives, workspaces, career paths and insights of illustrators to further support and grow their creative community. Curated by Sharp-lee Mthimkulu, the book is a collaboration between Studio Leetchi ZA (Digital agency) and Creative Nestlings (Young African Creative Network), two organizations committed to nurturing African creatives across the globe. BWOI is a hardcover, coffee table-sized exhibition of 12 experienced African illustrators.



As young African creatives the creative journey can be a lonely one. By joining our network you are part of a colllective of creators shaping our beuatiful continent through their work, thoughts, ideas and businesses.
As a member you can connect & collaborate with your peers from anywhere either physically or digitally, get opportunities from clients and resources for your creative journey.



Through our new platform as a creative young are able to syndicate your portfolio in one place, get found and commisioned or hired by clients. With our courses you can learn from fellow creative pratctiotioners through educational videos on Illustration, Design, Photography, Business, Brand Building, Administration, Curation etc. (BETA Coming soon)


With over 40 talks in 7 cities our Conversations On Creativity Event Series is a great space to connect with creative peers in your city and learn from our creative guests. Our events have proved to be a great launch pad for many young African creatives who have gone on to have great careers, built businesses and amazing projects.


want to go fast,
go alone
want to go far,
go to together.

- african proverb

here to
fucking create.

Using creativity, technology & community to be a catalyst in improving the quality of young Africans.

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